Boston Fall Foliage – An Island Adventure

Just sit right back and . . . we will do all the work!

Let us take you on a 3-hour tour to the unforgettable Harbor Islands, Marina Bay, Hingham, Hull, and Boston’s Inner Harbor.

We first want to assure all guests that we will postpone our tour if the “weather starts getting rough” so our guests are not stranded on one of these gorgeous islands!  However, for entertainment purposes only, we will stop at several islands along our route!  And, while we are on this subject, although these islands are amazingly peaceful, guests will be highly discouraged from suggesting to that Captain that he leave them permanently behind on one of said islands!

We would also like to assure all guests we have retired the “tiny ship” and, instead, we will be treating our guests to a luxurious experience aboard a private yacht.  Finally, no 3-hour tour would be complete without a delicious buffet of edible delights and drinks.  This charter will be no exception!

Because dock assignments regularly change and we would not want any of our guests to literally “miss the boat” as it departs from the dock, we ask all guests to arrive and check in at our office located behind the Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf (60 Rowes Wharf, Boston Harbor).  Our staff will escort all guests to the dock, providing assistance as needed with the boarding process.

For more details (including departure time and menu) or to make reservations, please call Anita today at (617) 622-3421.