Boston Yacht Cruises in Weston MA

Weston MA is a town in the Greater Boston area, located in Middlesex County; residents have been booking events with Full Moon Classic Yacht Charters, taking full advantage of the nice weather and the opportunity to explore all of what Boston has to offer!

This summer, Full Moon Classic Yacht Charters have made some pretty big expansive moves; we can now host an event for a party of over 200 guests, whereas last year we were only able to host about 39 guests! We have also teamed up with some very well-known Boston Harbor cruise ships, The Music City Queen and The Valliant.

We have hosted so many amazing events on our cruise ships, from Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, to Fourth of July celebrations, all the way to wedding ceremonies!

Enjoy the nice weather and explore the most historic city in the world, Boston MA! Click here to see some of the events we’ve hosted in the past.

Interested in booking an event with Full Moon Classic Yacht Charters? Give us a call at 617-622-3421.